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Almonds, white chocolate and coconut flakes: a simple preparation for a different Easter.

One of Italy's best-loved culinary specialities, Tropea onions can be prepared in sweet and sour sauce to provide a tasty side dish that will add a touch of verve and colour to any menu.

A spicy sauce made from vegetables, fresh chili peppers and coriander: try making using the fermentation method.

Kefir is a fermented milk originating from the Caucasus and Tibet, produced from kefir granules, a complex mixture of bacteria and yeasts fermented with milk or water.

A classic of fine Italian cuisine, tagliatelle paglia e fieno make simple sauces special and enhance full-bodied ones.

The unusual appearance of this fruit, whose name derives from the Latin malum granatum, meaning 'seeded apple', and the fact that the pomegranate plant can survive in semi-desert environments have in fact led it to be regarded as a valuable wonder of natu

Aperitif time is an occasion to which attention and care must be devoted, without giving up a touch of originality

A fresh dessert that is very easy to make.

When Christmas is approaching, it is time to think of original ideas for yummy gifts.

Prepared with fragrant summer fruit, it rounds off seasonal lunches and dinners beautifully, but is also great for breakfast in the morning or as a snack at the beach, to be carried in the cooler directly into the Lock-eat food jars.

A quick and very fresh summer proposal!

A complete dish that is always apprecited.

Light, Tasty and Easy to prepare.

It sounds like a classic recipe, but it hides an extra touch.

'Variation on a theme' of a classic Italian breakfast.

The change of season is approaching: time for a detox!

The most famous American sauce is actually of oriental origin

Aromatic vinegars are a delicious condiment that can be easily prepared using fruit, spices and even flowers.

The taste of mustard is renewed!

Quinoa salad is the perfect recipe for your light lunch to take comfortably to work with the handy and hygienic Lock-eat jars.

A recipe that tastes of the Orient, and which will allow you to give your dishes an intriguing fusion touch.

Spring is here, and we peopose a fragrant and unusual recipe featuring lavender flowers. This is an original and delicate jelly with a floral flavor that goes well with mature and semi-mature cheeses.

Today we are once again offering a classic that couldn't be more classic: a jam with a balanced flavour, sweet but mottled with pleasant sour notes.

There is no doubt about it: tomato conserve is the undisputed queen of Italian cuisine and an indispensable ingredient in the preparation of the most renowned recipes of the Mediterranean tradition.

Capers in salt are a valuable resource to always have available in the kitchen. They add flavor to pizzas, fist and second courses, and can also be used in the preparation of delicious sauces.

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