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Lavender Jelly

Spring is here, and we peopose a fragrant and unusual recipe featuring lavender flowers. This is an original and delicate jelly with a floral flavor that goes well with mature and semi-mature cheeses.

For the recipe, only the infused lavender flowers found in herbalist shops should be used.

Ingredients for 2 Food Jar 12.5 cl
250 ml apple juice
5 gr lavender flowers
50 gr sugar
10 g food jelly

Preparation and cooking: 40 minutes


Soak the gelatine in cold water for about ten minutes; then heat the apple juice slightly and leave the flowers to infuse for about 30 minutes; at the end of the infusion time, strain the juice through a sieve to obtain a liquid without flowers.

Put everything on the heat together with the sugar and gelatine until completely dissolved.

In the meantime, sanitise the Lock-eat food jars for at least 10 minutes in boiling water, wash the seals separately by hand with hot water and finally empty the still-warm gelatine into the jars and seal them. The jars must be lukewarm to avoid an excessive temperature change.

To avoid breakage, do not place the jars on a cold surface such as marble or metal, preferably a wooden shelf. To avoid burns or scalds, we recommend handling the jars with gloves.

The preparation and cooking of the jelly will take you a total of 40 minutes.

A couple of final tips: for a stronger taste, you can leave some flowers inside the jelly.

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