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Raspberry and blueberry jam

Today we are once again offering a classic that couldn't be more classic: a jam with a balanced flavour, sweet but mottled with pleasant sour notes.

Delicious with freshly warmed slices of wholemeal bread, this jam should also be tried with natural yoghurt for a genuine and irresistible breakfast.

400 g raspberries
400 g blueberries
400 g sugar


Wash and dry the raspberries and blueberries.
Place them in a large saucepan and place it on the heat; add the sugar and cook over a low heat, taking care to stir everything.

When the sugar has completely dissolved, continue cooking, raising the flame slightly for about 30 minutes. To check if the jam is ready, simply take a small saucer and pour a small amount into it: if it slides slowly then it is! In the meantime sanitise the Lock-eat jars for at least 10 minutes in boiling water, wash the seals separately by hand with hot water.

Take the perfectly clean Lock-eat jars, fill them with hot jam and sterilise them, filling them up to about 2 cm from the rim.

Carefully clean the edges of the jars and close them. Place the jars in the pot, with the lids facing upwards. To prevent the jars from knocking against each other and breaking during cooking, place a tea towel in the bottom of the pot and wrap each jar with additional tea towels. Cover the jars with lukewarm water and bring to the boil.

Once boiling, close the pot with the lid and cook for 20 minutes. The jars should always remain covered with water, so add hot water if necessary to restore the initial level.

At the end of the process, allow the pots to cool in the same boiling water. Then remove the jars by grasping them from the jar (not the cap) with the help of gloves and potholders.

If you don't like the seeds and want to have a smooth mixture, just put the fruits in the saucepan with a couple of tablespoons of water, and after about 10 minutes from boiling, sieve them: then proceed as illustrated above, add the sugar and continue cooking.

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