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A tasty and healthy concentrate of energy

For some time now, dried fruit has no longer been relegated to the Christmas table, but is increasingly appreciated as a wholesome and delicious snack to be enjoyed - in the right quantities - at any time of day when a burst of energy is needed.

Summer is the perfect time to prepare dried apricots and sour cherries, which can be stored in Lock-eat food jars and enjoyed all year round.

Drying apricots requires a little patience. The apricots, which should be chosen small, can be dried either in the apricot dryer or in the oven at a temperature of about 50 degrees. The colour of home-dried apricots is less bright than that of the same product bought in the supermarket, but the flavour and authenticity are guaranteed!

To dry the sour cherries, they need to be removed from the stone with the special tool that is also used to stone olives; they are then dried, either in the oven or in the drier, and even then wait three days before transferring them into the Lock-eat food jars.

A word of advice: when drying fruit, it is always a good idea to follow each step carefully to avoid the formation of mould and to avoid excessive quantities. It is preferable to keep the Lock-eat food jars containing the fruit in the refrigerator or sheltered in a cool, dry place.

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