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A recipe dedicated to those who love strong flavours

Spicy to the right point and perfect as an aperitif or to accompany tortillas, guacamole sauce is a classic of Mexican cuisine: it keeps for two days in the fridge, and can be stored and served directly inside Lock- Eat food jars.

One avocado
One lime
One red tomato
One green chilli
One shallot
Salt and pepper to taste

Clean an avocado and place it in a bowl, then mash it with a fork; add lime juice, the green chilli deprived of its seeds and cut first into strips, then into small cubes.

Clean the shallot after having washed and finely chopped it with a knife, and add it to the other ingredients; finally add the diced tomato and finally add salt and pepper.

Blend everything with a blender to obtain a smooth and creamy sauce.

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