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A fresh dessert that is very easy to make.

Spoon cheesecake can be made in many variations with a pinch of creativity. The one we propose here, composed and presented in Lock-Eat food jars, is decorated with raspberries, but it can also be prepared with strawberries, peaches, a veil of bitter orange jam or in a mouth-watering version with chocolate sauce or hazelnut cream.

Ingredients (doses for 2 x 12.5 cl food jars)

- 80 g Philadelphia
- 1 tablespoon sugar
- 30 g hazelnuts
- 10 raspberries
- 2 wholemeal biscuits
- seed oil (q.b.)


Put the shortbread biscuits in the blender together with the hazelnuts, chop everything, and add a few drops of seed oil. Transfer the spreadable cheese and a tablespoon of sugar into a small bowl and mix everything with a ladle to create a creamy mixture.

Place the chopped biscuits in the bottom of the Lock-Eat food jar with a spoon, add the cream cheese and finish with the raspberries.

NOTE: for a dinner party with friends, you can create many delicious jars with different flavours.

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