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Meatball in a jar

A complete dish that is always apprecited.

It is impossible to resist tasty meatballs, a recipe adored by children but also appreciated by adults. What makes it special, in this case, is the cooking in a jar technique which enhances the flavour of the meat and tomato sauce. Made, cooked and served in Lock-eat mini food jars, meatballs can be a tasty appetiser or a snack for a standing dinner party.

Jars needed: 10 8cl Lock-Eat Food Jars


125 g mixed minced meat
50 g pecorino cheese
82 g dry bread (place in a bowl with water to soften)
1 egg
500 ml tomato puree
olive oil to taste
50 g butter
one garlic clove
pepper to taste
salt to taste
parsley to taste for garnish


First prepare the meatballs; remove the water from the previously soaked bread and place it in a potato masher.

Place the bread in a bowl with the meat, eggs, pecorino cheese and pepper; mix the ingredients together and form into balls.

Melt the butter in a non-stick pan and place the meatballs in it, sealing them on all sides. Pour in a little extra virgin olive oil and the crushed garlic, allow to take on flavour and then add the tomato puree; cook for about 20 minutes and set aside. Pour into the Lock-eat food jar (previously sanitised and kept lukewarm to avoid an excessive temperature change) a ladleful of tomato puree, a meatball and another ladleful of tomato.

Close and arrange the jars in a casserole dish that will hold them comfortably. Wrap them with tea towels to avoid bumps during cooking. Then fill the saucepan with lukewarm water so that it reaches three quarters of the height of the jars. Bring to a boil and from then on cook for about 20 minutes.

After the necessary time has elapsed, remove the water from the pot with a ladle and, with the help of an oven glove, take out the jars, which will be ready to serve at the table! The preparation can be kept in the fridge for a few days thanks to the vacuum pack and the flavours will remain as freshly cooked, ready to be served when needed by reheating the jars.

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