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'Variation on a theme' of a classic Italian breakfast.

The iced macchiato is an unusual version of the traditional café macchiato; it satisfies the desire to treat oneself to a start of the day - but also simply a break - that gives one a burst of energy and freshness. We can therefore choose it as a fresh alternative to coffee macchiato for breakfast, or as a drink to accompany a sweet treat (a slice of cake, a cupcake or a brownie, for example).  Served inside the Lock-eat juice jar, the iced macchiato presents a pleasant interplay of nuances.

Ingredients for 1 x 50 cl Lock-eat juice jar (serving size for 3 people)

400 ml whole milk
ice cubes to taste
2 cups of espresso coffee


Prepare 2 cups of espresso coffee with a coffee machine.

Pour the milk, ice cubes and the two cups of espresso into a large glass, without stirring.

Transfer the iced macchiato inside the Lock-eat juice jar to make it more pleasant to serve.


Note: If you prefer a lighter alternative to this version, you can use semi-skimmed milk instead of whole milk. If you suffer from lactose intolerance or have difficulty digesting cow's milk, you can try the iced macchiato using one of the many qualities of vegetable milk now readily available on the market, such as rice milk, soya milk or almond milk.


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