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Jarred salmon and prawns stew

This sophisticated fish preparation is ideal for pot cooking technique.

The guazzetto of fresh salmon and king prawns is accompanied by a delicate citrus bisque, thyme and black Cyprus salt, and is perfect served as an appetiser or main course. The bain-marie cooking process is simple, but the result is impressive, both for the elegant combination of flavours and for the presentation in the Lock-eat food jars.

Jars needed: 4 20cl Lock Eat Jars

Ingredients for 4 people:

 8 salmon fillets of about 200/220 g each
 8 king prawns with head, tail and carapace
 thyme to taste
 basil to taste
 1 clove of garlic
 1 small onion
 2 grapefruits
 1 orange
 1 lemon
 olive oil
 ice water to taste
 chilli pepper to taste


Wash the salmon fillets and prawns, removing the carapace and the black cord on the back, leaving only the head and tail.

Using the prawn shells, prepare a bisque (soup) with a little onion, thyme and basil, sauté over a high heat and add iced water. Leave the bisque on the heat for about 20 minutes, so that it reduces a little: once ready, crush some of the heads (some to be kept aside for decoration) to release the juices, taking care to remove the eyes, which are bitter.
Strain the bisque and add the juice of the three citrus fruits adjusted with a tablespoon or two of olive oil.

Now fill the 20 cl Lock-eat food jars (previously sanitised and kept lukewarm to avoid an excessive temperature change) with two salmon fillets and two king prawns, arranged alternately in the jars. Lightly salt, pour in the bisque and add one more basil leaf, two sprigs of thyme, the whole garlic clove and, if desired, a pinch of chilli pepper. Close and arrange the jars in a casserole dish that will hold them comfortably. Wrap them with tea towels to prevent shocks during cooking.

Pour water into the saucepan, as hot as possible, to about 2/3 of the height of the food jars and bring to a boil. When the boil rises, lower the heat and cook for about 10-15 minutes. Then check through the glass that the crustaceans have turned pink, and that the fish has turned from translucent to opaque pink. At this point, remove the water from the pot with a ladle and, with the help of an oven glove, take out the jars. Wait a few minutes before opening.

Once opened, serve directly at the table, having garnished with the shrimp heads left aside, fresh thyme leaves and black Cyprus salt.

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